Come Out To The Coast, We'll Get Together, Have a Few Laughs, Die Hard Christmas Tree Ornament

Give your holiday a dose of adrenaline with this hilarious and iconic ornament.

Get the whole Die Hard Set or pick your favorite one.

Prefer to have all the fun? Grab all four Die Hard-inspired metal ornaments and transform your Christmas tree into a true action-packed spectacle. 

Get ready to add a blast of action to your Christmas tree with our Die Hard-inspired ornament collection! Each ornament showcases Bruce Willis as John McClane and features one of his iconic movie quotes. Whether you prefer "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...," "Welcome to the party, pal," "Yippie-Ki-Ya Motherfucker," or "Christmas Party by Mistake," we've got you covered.

Hang them individually or grab the whole set for the ultimate Die Hard holiday experience. Transform your tree into a Nakatomi Plaza of laughter and adventure - Bruce Willis would approve, and so will your inner action hero!"

Metal Christmas tree ornaments are durable and will bring holiday cheer for years to come. Printed on both sides of the white aluminum base, and we'll print them in high resolution with a glossy finish. Their surface is scratch and chip-resistant, so they can be stored together in the famous Christmas decoration box. 

.: White aluminum base with a glossy finish
.: Scratch and chip resistant surface
.: Images Printed on both sides
.: Each ornament comes with a separate red ribbon for hanging
.: 3.5 inches in diameter

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